Halloween is celebrated on 31st October all around the world, especially in the US. The origin of this festivity is Samhain, a tradition from the Celtic tribes, in which people protected their homes from the evil spirits by trying to frighten them away with scary decorations. In Colexio Abrente, last Tuesday we celebrated Halloween with a party in which we dressed up as spooky creatures.

This year we had two contests: the costume competition and a talent show. We saw lots of horrifying costumes: vampires, zombies, witches, clowns… The best costume was awarded to Lidia Meijón. We had lots of fun with the performances of our talent show. The prize went to Sofía, Daniela, Irene, Candela and Giselle from 4th of Primary with the song Believer by Imagine Dragons. We also want to thank the students from 4th Secondary that presented: Mariña Agís, Anxo Carballa and Valeria Vázquez. And of course, to all the other students from Secondary that helped us with the organization, decorations and tidying up. We hope you all enjoyed the party and had lots of fun trick or treating! Happy Halloween!